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MN ASAP is a non-partisan citizen-based initiative using a simple resolution process to build political support to shift federal spending priorities from war to meeting essential needs. See the resolution.

MN ASAP’s goal is to build sufficient political power and influence statewide from representatives at all levels of government and from non-governmental organizations and civic groups to effectively demand a shift in priorities from war spending to meeting essential needs.

To help in our efforts, please visit "what you can do" in our site menu or email us at andrea@mnasap.org.  Our project is not time-consuming, compared to most issue-based campaigns.  A meaningful contribution can be made within a busy schedule.

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Latest News

Posted: Jul 2, 2014
MN ASAP is working with Rep. Keith Ellison to draft a peace conversion bill.

Posted: Apr 23, 2014
Celeste Robinson wrote a great piece on the over funding of the military in the most recent issue of The Mac Weekly.

Posted: Apr 14, 2014
MN ASAP volunteer Patrick Alcorn writes, "U.S. military spending is out of control."

Calendar of Events

Thursday May 22nd, 10am-1pm, MN ASAP offices.